what to get for my computer with 100$


Dabba Dooba
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hey people even tho i probley will be told to but this in a different forum but does anyone know what i should get for my computer for 100$ i know its a stupid question but i dont know what to get


Dabba Dooba
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k thanks i probley will get some ram since when i have a game running it slows the computer way down and if i have a couple of programs open its slow

Nick M

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System Specs

256 MB of Ram
Samsung sv2002h
Softk56 Data Fax Voice speakerphone CARP
AMD Athlon XP 1600+

Softk56 Data Fax Voice speakerphone CARP

Hahaha! You have a fish for a modem! How did you ever manage that ?


Prodigal Son
*agrees* Another stick of RAM. Also, if you don't already have an optical mouse, get one. It's one of the best upgrades I have made. Don't worry about cordless unless you really want it. Just an optical mouse.


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optical is like the best because it dosent get worn out really like the balls!

All four of my computers have them!

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