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What to do...


Dabba Dooba
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Well i wont be sleepin tonight since of what happend yesterday. I spent the night at my friends house. We fixed on the go kart, and at like midnight on tuesday we watched x-2,tommy boy, and black sheep. Between Tommy boy and black sheep me,mark,dan,scott, and sarah went upstairs to eat. Sarah made puppy chow, and the rest of us had life cereal. At about 6am black sheep was over and we all went up stairs after marks dad went to work. Then marks mom came down and we talked to her for a bit untill me,mark and scott went for a ride on my go kart. We tried to go catch my dad before he went to work so we could get some breakfest since he lives a road over from mark but we didnt catch him in time. So we left but bout 6 houses down we ran out of gas so we had to push the go kart back to my dads and get gas. When we got home it was about 8am and marks sister sarah was sleepin and marks bro was too. Mark got sleepy and feel asleep so me and scott messed around and i used finger nail polish and put it all over my hands cause me and scott were bored. Then we thought hey lets go throw cold water on dans head so we did but dan didnt do anything. So at like 10am i said screw this i am bored i am goin to bed so i did. Well scott woke dan up and they threw water at me and then the toliet papered the whole basement and i didnt know and i was partly tolite papered. Well after getting woke up 5 times between 10am and 2pm i called my dads house and his gf was up so i asked for a ride to my house and she did. Once i got home i took a shower and called my gf to have her come over. At about 4:30 i feel asleep with my gf and she left at 6 since i was sleep and i didnt get up till 9pm. When i woke up then i called her back over and she came over and we did stuff but i wont get into that. Anyway its 12:50am and i am wide awake with nothin to do. Can u people think of anything to do? I am really bored and kinda made the pistons lost cause of bryant's stupid 3 pointer. :(. O well


Dabba Dooba
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sorry i was bored :(...i went to bed at bout 3am this morning so i guess i am all back to normal so now i wont be sleepin during the day and awake at night. I feel bad for 3rd shift people :(


Electronica Addict
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Jeez, I thought the story would have a climax or something...at least you could have used paragraphs to make it easier to read :p
Back in the smoking days, i smoked out of a 9 footer. Had to sit atop a bunk bed in a dirty dorm room. The things I did for green back in the day....


Beware the G-Man
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dreamliner77 said:
Back in the smoking days, i smoked out of a 9 footer. Had to sit atop a bunk bed in a dirty dorm room. The things I did for green back in the day....

Heh heh... Now ya just stick it in a pipe like the rest of us. :p

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