What the hell was Valve thinking?

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Sazar, Jul 7, 2005.

  1. Sazar

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    Do any of the employees at Valve even play CS?

    The new T models SUCK. You can't tell the difference between CT's and T's and on FF servers the number of TK's just shot through the roof.

    You get used to it and then some new guy comes and blows your head off.

    Second, why in the world would Valve release a pre-beta crap-fest like Assault? It DOES NOT WORK. Half the clip zones are broken, heck try climbing the stair outside the rear entrance. Notice anything?


    I am anticipating a rapid response to the b.s. that was included in this release. Whatever was included seems to have also made the game more laggy, even on good servers where I have 30 ping or better. Perhaps instead of worrying about all the new animations, Valve should consider fixing the actual product. No need to get new stuff if the old one still has issues.

    Just my $0.02.

    Think before you leap next time Valve.
  2. Bman

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    I 100% agree, I stoped playing CS for awhile, just came in and I was like "What team am i?" They really bombed out on this one. Maybe if enough complaints we can get them to change it.
  3. Tuffgong4

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    I posted this in the comments on the home page but if you see who redid the maps at the beginning of a map change all the best maps are done or redone by Turtle Rock Studios (the same company that did Condition Zero, and I know people don't like it but the things they added to the multiplayer of condition zero were very much needed changes to 1.6.

    Valve should leave level design to Turtle Rock STudios and just walk away
  4. ming

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    Bman, just out of interest, you're not BMGod (in CSS) by any chance are you?
  5. Electronic Punk

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    Assault was made by Cliffe, didn't seem to be playtested very long, I didn't see any clip zones but it was damn difficult to just climb into the vent, the fact that I am pretty sure the spawn point was facing the wrong way or at the opposite end of the street made it very disorientating intitially too as I am very used to the original map.

    Had FF off so shooting my team mates wasn't an issue but I will admit I did take shots at my team mates more than once.

    Nice big patch tho, lots of good fixes.
  6. celticfan11

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    um i hate the fact that i just wanted to play some CS:S last nite but the dam servers were to busy. By the time they were not so busy, it was bedtime.

    nothing angers me more then the fact that i paid for this game and i wanna play it when i wanna play it.
  7. Blue Jack

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    /load ominous Jedi voice

    You do not feel the need to play BF2.

    You will enjoy lastest CS:S updates.
  8. VenomXt

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    bf2.. calls me to the dark side.. i played 5 hours last night.. thats the most iv played a game in like 2 years. lol just something about be a cmmander and zooming in then calling down a artillery strike on people as you watch them run around.. hehe
  9. Bman

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    hahaha, no it's not. I know the guy. I'm simply bman or b.m.a.n.
  10. New Disease

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    they are messing with the maps to much, de_inferno used to be one of my favourite maps, now its just to detailed with two many stupid random rooms for n00bs to hide in all round.. i dont understand why they dont just port the maps over like dust , dust 2, italy etc... they are perfect and by far the most played maps

    i hear they have started on de_nuke now, it was my favourite map and im dreading seeing how they will ruin the gameplay on it..

    also the T's are now midgets for some reason??
  11. Aprox

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    Ya know.. someone has to say this. Valve has been doing a GREAT JOB up until this patch.. and you know they will fix it. I dont understand why people give one of the best developers so much crap. As far as the clipping problems... thats more the models then the map itself. Most maps are made up of props and not so much BSP architecture.
    If you really dont like the T model (I think its more detailed, but a bit to similar to the CT) You can replace it with a custom one until valve fixes it.

    I do agree that CSS has gone down hill lately, but at the same time we still have DoD:S to look forward to right?