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What text editor do you prefer?


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Hey guys,

Well when I'm feeling the need to edit my text manually by using a program, I prefer to use a program called Notepad2. This is a great text document editor that has many different "syntax schemes" that change the colors based on the extension you're editing, which makes for a great thing to be able to see more clearly. Has a lot more advanced features and seems as little as regular notepad, thus the name... though I forget where to get it!

There are a few things though I'm not liking about it. While it has this feature that while editing PHP it does good at showing you where different { and }, or ( and ) ends... but it doesn't show you what tags correspond to what. It would be nice to know where the beginning and closing tags and what corresponds to them are. IE if you have a table inset within a table inset within a table, it'd be nice to know what table closing tag matches up with what table open tag...

So what programs do you guys like to use? Is it strictly for web editing, or does it edit a whole slew of document types?


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Punkrulz said:
Hmm, there are two things that I had neglected to mention that I had forgotten about.

1) I'm a Windows user, not a MAC user, and I had forgotten that a lot of web designers use mac. :)

2) Program isn't free.

Looks good, it would be nice to give it a try, but I know I'm not going to be able to. :/

it is free. It only displays a "Licensed for Non-commercial use" after 2 minutes of in-activity. Which is not annoying or anything. Plus, it is totally worth what they ask for it.
http://maguma.com/ used to have a lightweight PHP/CSS/JS/HTML editor, but I havent followed them for quite a while, I stopped using their software when I started using FreeBSD as my desktop OS and when I go Zend Studio I didnt see the point of another IDE, I did like it when I used it though.

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