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what should i do with this...


Blame me for the RAZR's
what should i do with this old laptop a friend gave me for free! lol

its got windows 98 on it at them moment.. i kinda want to turn it into a noet taking machine... what OS and progs would ytou put on it....

or would you use it as a coaster.

i think its a p133

ps its from a old cop computer lol has a program on it acually labeled racial profiling.
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Beware the G-Man
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Does it say "Property of Police Department" anywhere on it? :rolleyes: :p

Put Linux on it as second OS and learn it. :D

Son Goku

No lover of dogma
Unless a person plans on playing games on the go (and with something that old, it could be tough, unless one wants to go retro)...Linux could work just dandy for note taking and the like. One can also get a lean install, that without the bloat, can perform OK on older hardware...

If one doesn't know, and doesn't want to bother learning vi, one can just load Pine and use pico... Text only, really is sufficient for some short notes...

Electronic Punk

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Firstly you should do whatever anyone should do when you get given an old computer. -- Search for incriminating evidence!!

Son Goku

No lover of dogma
Electronic Punk said:
Firstly you should do whatever anyone should do when you get given an old computer. -- Search for incriminating evidence!!
Henyman said:
indeed credit card#, the secret porn folder............................. :p
That cuts it, I give a HD away, I take the military route, and use a program that not only deletes, but shreds all the files on that drive, so every last sector is thoroughly (and yes redundently) wiped :D


Secret Goat Fetish
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it will aslo run 2k :D i spent 2 weeks putting 2k on similar machines that were ooooooold. onky had like a 133 processor etc but ran 2k really well :eek: some thing likie freebsd would be fin to play with though :cool:


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Hmmmm. 4th of July almost here...lots of rocketry and explosives available...I could think of a few fun things to do with it! :rolleyes:

Linux or a lean Win install would prob work out well for you...heck, even Win95 would run well on it just for notes and such.

Son Goku

No lover of dogma
We used to have a comp in the networking lab, where the HD, (mobo?), and lots of things were replaced, but it would never seem to work. The teacher wanted to paint it black, and put it out on I-40 for an early funeral :D

OK, all joking aside (not to mention the traffic problems "ran over black laptop, lost control of car" could cause; whatever distro you get, I wouldn't go with a default install. If you're not familiar, you might try a distro such as Fedora or Mandrake. Others no doubt can think of leaner distros for that laptop, though these might be good for you to learn off of.

The install should be trimmed though, with a custom install and what not. You'll need the essentials (such as the core and stuff, no doubt), you'll want X, a desktop (Gnome, KDE, or whatever you would prefer), and xFree86. If you want to get online, you'll want the graphical Internet, aka a web browser, and if you install Pine, you can use pico for an editor to take notes in, and skip having to learn vi for the time being altogether.

Also, you might not need it for now, but for latter make sure to install gcc. Many linux apps are released as source code, and you'll need this to install many other programs should you chose to do so latter on (unless you can find an rpm). Perhaps someone can think of some other things you'll need. The default is to throw a lot of stuff on there you might not want though.

BTW, for someone relatively new to Linux, you might want to make sure to select the graphical boot option, or have it boot to run level 5. This will give you the X Windows interface off the bat, without having to do a startx and all...


I Like Cheese
SPeedY_B said:
Why? It will have been securely wiped and is no different from any other old laptop :confused:
It has already been wiped? If it was a laptop out of a cruiser then it is possible that it could have been used as a MDT (mobile data transfer). I have been looking for one of these for years. As you can guess, they are very hard to find.


Blame me for the RAZR's
it was out of a crusier. and has been altered... programs simply deleted. as you can see the shell of of the programs is still there. i could recover if i wanted toi imagine but i dont really want to.

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