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What res are you at?



Im not sure what section of the forum to post this in, but here goes...

My question is about high video cards and the resolutions at which you play games at.

I looked at benchmarks for the GF4 series, and it turned out that the Ti 4200 was performing exactly the same as a 4600, but at lower resolutions. It was only in the higher resolutions that the 4600 started to pull away.

Now, I remeber something similiar happened to me with quake 2. I had an AMD 850, and got a new gf2 ti vid card. I ran benchmarks on the demo, and it turned out that my old geforce 2 mx gave me almost the same performance at 640x480 resolution. Furthermore, if I upped the res to 800x600, it gave me the same results as 640x480!!

What is going on here?

Can anyone look at my present system specs, and tell me what would be a good res to play games like SOF2, mafia, and serious sam2 at, knowing that I value a steady framerate above all else?

Thanks in advance,


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normally for all effects I play @ 1024x768 32bit...

I play higher res with lower effects to keep my frame rate good

concerning that little query you had on g4 4200 and 4600... at lower res the framerate is more dependent on the cpu and less on the gpu of the vid card...

at higher res the gpu makes a difference therefore you will notice the difference more so @ higher res...

hence the fact that most tests are run at higher resolutions to show the difference between the cards...

you will see this in all tests that are run at the 3 basic res's for benching 1600x1200, 1280x1024 and 1024x768...


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Dual 15" Monitors on a Matrox Millennium G450 DualHead

Windows Desktop: 1152x864 32bit 70Hz
Gaming: 1024x768 for older games, 800x600 for newer games. Medium to low quality either way.

The Matrox card isnt exactly a gaming card, and BLOWS ASS in FPS or other graphics intensive games. My 3dMark2001 score was 815 (yes, 8-1-5) @ 1024x768



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19" ViewSonic Graphics Series GS790 @ 1024x768 32bit True Color @ 85hertz... Games @ 800x600. Asus V7700 Deluxe 32MB Video Card.


See, Im still running games at 800x600 for fear of a choppy framerate hehe

it bugs me to see stuttering of any kind...


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usally play my games on 17" monitor at 1024x768 with all settings up and use windows and watch my DVD's on my 21" @1600x1200


call me crazy, but i dont really notice a huge difference when the res changes

id rather see a silky smooth framerate

Can you guys recommend a good 19 inch monitor for gaming?


i got sony trinitron multiscan200es+riva tnt 2 model 64. runnig at 1024x766 32bit 85 hertz. works good

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