What RAM does my pc take?


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6 Jul 2007
This problem has been solved. Thank you to those who helped with it. =)

I was visiting http://www.ncix.com/products/index.php?minorcatid=105 to buy some ram, and you see on the left hand side there is a huge amount of classifications of ram, and I don't know what I should get to be compatible for my pc!!

I have attached a shot of a Belarc hardware analysis, if anyone can help me determine what ram I should get.

=) Thanks.


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Is that the only kind of ram my pc is compatible with, or is there types that are perhaps better or faster that my pc can still use? I would think that with so many types, more than one could be used on my pc?
Yep that's all it will take. It won't take DDR2 just DDR which is the generation before DDR2 (obviously).

DDR400 (PC3200) is as fast as DDR will go so unfortunately that's as high as you can go without buying a new motherboard/computer.

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