What is your favorite TV show?



I think I would have to say Seinfeld, Cramer kills me.... But Frasier is funny as hell to...
King of the hill i would say !
It's getting better then The Simpsons!:p
Andy Richter, American Experience and Washington Week in Review :)
The Simpsons and 8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter
Actually another TV I used to love was Beavis & Butthead... What ever happend to them!!! GRRRR
simpsons for sure
i laughed at it when it first came out
and i still laugh at it, even the repeats
it will be one of those that will be remembered for ages
i also like a bit of malcom in the middle
and any sports show i will pretty much watch!
Benny Hill
Dark Shadows (the soap)
Mr. Rogers
anything PBS
60 Minutes
Charlie Angels
Spiderman and friends
Bugs Bunny
the best of Marvin the martian
telltubies (cause Jerry Fagwell doesn't like them)
Let's make a deal
Price is Right (unless your married to me)
Advertisements of the Pan Flute chap
Box Car Willy adverts too
Slim Wilson adverts
Best of the wet t-shirt contests on Playboy
anything on the xxxtecy channel
Six Feet Under ( what I will be if the old lady reads this)

the simpsons by far the funniest show ever.
still have to get the simpsons seasons on dvd.
then malcom in the middle in a close second.
Looking at the black TV screen, checking out the finger prints, and various crap on it...
I have just a few...

The Shield
South Park
The Dead Zone
Dragonfly (I thing has since been cancelled)
John Doe (I think has since been cancelled)

anything pretty much on Discovery Channel, TLC and The History Channel.

I like..........
The Shield
Law And Order
The X-Files
Six Feet Under

I've just noticed none are British :huh:
family guy and scrubs and 6 feet under

i would say simpsons but they are playing to many season 1,2 and 3 episodes which suck because the voices sound wierd and they are coloured greenish yellow for some reason.

do you guys in the US know a show called "one world" i saw it at like 5:30am on ch4 one night and it is the biggest pile of crap, im assuming its designed for 9 year olds because the jokes were predictible and your could tell what the whole episode was going to be about from the first line, i hate that show so much.

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