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What is your favorite game series?


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I was bored so i decided to create this poll. Vote for your favorite game tell us why you like it.
Personally, my favorite game series of all time are the Metal Gear Solid series. I like the pace of the action, camera work, and the awesome, awesome graphics, and gameplay.
Vote for your favorite game series, and tell us why...
oh yeah, the game series doesnt necessarily have to be from the poll...

Official Metal Gear Solid 2 Site

A few in-game images :) :



e) Carmageddon :) - even though tdr2000 had sucky gameplay
f) Worms :D - 2 being the best

Good old classics.

Wish they'd hurry up and make half-life 2, most of the sequals are just mod's with touched up graphics. Hope they can come up with a new engine aswell - it's lacking behind atm.


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I voted for Counter-Strike. Never really got into the actual Half-Life game, but play CS often. I also play Quake2



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Originally posted by bheagle
What happened to the best one? Unreal Tournament!!!!
Sry, but a the poll options only allow maximum of 5 options, so I tried to cover a broud range of genres and games. oh yeah, unreal tournmanet is awesome!;)

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