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What is the equivalant of a 'friend' keyword in C Sharp?

What is the equivalant of a 'friend' keyword in C Sharp?

How do I use the 'internal' keyword?

I have read that 'internal' keyword is a replacement for 'friend' in C#.

I am using a dll in my C# project that I have the source code for and yet I do not want to modify the existing code. I have inherited the class and I can use my inherited class any way I want. The problem is that most of the code in the parent class has private methods. Will using a friend somehow make it possible to access or call these private methods?

I have been dold that if I have inherited from a base class, I should be able to access all the protected methods from the inheriting class. Therefore I should not need any "friend" equivalent. But does that also hold true for private methods?

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