What is slowing down my CD recorder?


Argentinean Dogo
I have this problem:
I have a LG CD recorder (52x max).
The thing is, i dont know what application i installed is slowing down the burning process time.
Im saying this cause i use to burn at 40x (takes aprox 2-3 min), and from one day to another its taking about 10 min! (at the same speed).
It has happened to me before, i formatted and the problem was gone, so i think it is something i installed and NOT a hardware or CD problem.
I dont want to format again, any idea about wich application could be doing this?
Not a clue. Could be as simple as a fragmented hard drive and/or pagefile fragmentation, or as difficult as isolating one background service that's either been disabled or enabled.

You might consider getting set-up again with your optimum configuration and making an image of it that can be restored over and over in about 10 minutes or so, dependant on how bloated your drive is.


The Analog Kid
As lonman said, it could be fragmentation. Or, it could be heaving processor usage. Chances are if it's taking that long at 40x, burnproof(etc) is kicking in and you are getting sub-optimal burns. Is this burning an audio cd? Are you decoding mp3's(etc) on the fly or prior to burning?


Argentinean Dogo
Its just normal data burning, i can see there is no heavy procesor usage,i think it should be some applic. that i installed and it changed some parameter that affects the burning process, kinda limiting the speed (even if i can select the 40x speed in Nero), cause the disk is written ok but slow.
Thats what i think, cause it has happened before exactly as today and it was fixed with a format, so i guess it is a software problem.


Argentinean Dogo
Dreamliner77, you are GREAT!
That worked out!
Thanks, i owe you one.
Man, i love this forum, i knew here i was going to find the answer :)


The Analog Kid
what *may* have happened:

If windows returns 6 or more CRC mismatches on an IDE DMA device, it reverts back to pio4 mode. That would max out at about 12-16x. Just a possibility to look for if it happens again. It will still show as UDMA in BIOS but Device Manager will list it's operating mode.

Bytes Back

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Just as an addition to this thread, ( Gald you sorted it ) one of the strangest reasons for slowing down writing I saw was the that the Writer had been put on the "end" of a chain of molex connectors from the power supply. Put it on the first one and all was well.


The Analog Kid
canadian_divx said:
what is your motherboard? i hvae had this exact problem with nero with my nforce board when i dared to try there SW ide drives,
Nvidia had some problems with their IDE drivers a bit back. It was around ver.3 IIRC. All is good now.

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