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What is "Microsoft Windows XP Server Edition Advanced SE"


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I've been hearing a lot about this "Microsoft Windows XP Server Edition Advanced SE" what is it? I dont even see anything about it at the microsoft website. Does anyone know what it is?


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ah but hipster... I like you better when you are all pale and dusty and your hair has lost all its color... hang on... you DO have hair right?


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i probably shouldnt mention this, but it got released around the warez scene a couple days ago, i was just wondering if anyone played with it. :)


its .net

hey im pretty sure this is .net or something. anyways it advance so who the hell knows

Electronic Punk

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Either the pre-rc1 or rc1 was leaked the other day, so it is either one of its weird technical names or a mis-tag...

I got sent my beta3 copy by MS and it arrived the other day... 3cds...

Windows .net Web Server
Windows .net Enterprise Server
Windows .net Standard Server

Didn't know which one to install, hehe, have'nt even opened them..would prob just go for standard, but I am happy with XP atm,

they sent me the RC1 and RC2 of it which was nice, along with OfficeXP and Visio 2002...

Was after Visual Studio .net on DVD but they didn't get around to sending it, or WindowsXP trial either.. ah well :p

I am gonna re-order VS.net cos I wanna play around with it.
what? all this software cost money? when this happen, i didnt get the memo i guess........ :D :D

ive got about everything microsoft, adobe, macromedia and many others make......... i get to learn, not distribute. that should be ok


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well since everyone else is already on the warez topic, let me take the time to mention that i saw this "Microsoft Windows XP Server Edition Advanced SE" as a warez release, thats why i asked about it, but it just seems as it was proabably just some altered release that was altered by the release group.


If you folow the right deadend alley...

Microsoft's website has forms you can fill out to get trial versions of many of it's products. I received Windows 2000 Advanced Server (3 CDs) when it was a newbie, as well as Visual Studio .Net Professional (DVD) recently.

Mind you, they are TRIALS, and I do not have nor do I know where to obtain cracks.:cool:

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