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what is dwwin.exe



Hey get a error mess sometimes when i re-start xp home but never can see what it says because happens soo fast but in the logs it says something about "application popup" that dwwin.exe couldnt start because windows is shutting down??soo what is dwwin.exe and should i even get mad over this error message:)??thanks for any help.....


1) Take a look in msconfig and see if anything is starting you weren't aware of that may be calling for this file.

2) Go to System Properties - Advanced - Startup & Recovery Settings and do two things:

-- Uncheck Automatically Restart
-- Change the value of Write Debugging Information to NONE


ok sorry if i ask much and stupid question but dont know much:) what i understand soo is dwwin.exe "Microsoft Application Error Reporting" and from the logs it says it couldnt doo something whit a .dll file soo the program couldnt start and the only thing i dont understand from msconfig is why the progs nerocheck.exe and directCD.exe is starting up??what is nerocheck.exe,yes i know what nero is:) but why have it in \run what does it doo??
and this wmiprvse.exe that keep starting up from time too time and then close it self,can have anything too do whit that,,when i re-start windowsXP wmiprvse.exe starts up therefore the error message?
-- Uncheck Automatically Restart
-- Change the value of Write Debugging Information to NONE time too please explain these settings for me?

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