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What Is Better???



personally i never used npf but i have used blackice it was a good firewall but i didnt like the way it was setup at all:cool:


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Actually it is quite good and works pretty well. It is not as in depth as say NIS 2002, but it does the job.


If a good hacker really wants to get into your PC, A firewall isnt going to stop him.

:cool: :p


Originally posted by SnookBooger
It's neat to chat about firewalls. However, never disclose what kind of firewall you are using. You have just given the cracker additional info.:)

That really dosnt matter either.....


Originally posted by Grinder714
If a good hacker really wants to get into your PC, A firewall isnt going to stop him.

True, but it will certainly stop the majority of super annoying script-kiddies (lame a$$ boys). However, like Grinder714 says, any decent hacker couldn't give a rats a$$ about your firewall, but would simply walk thru it, as he chooses.

One good thing about firewalls however, are there ability to block adds etc, saves you a bundle of bandwidth.


Quote: "What do you think you need a firewall for?"

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....hahahha ....g1.

I like nortons cuz of its proxy service and ability to run during online games without problems and now ZA over that (but not for gaming.)

I didnt even know blackice had put out an xp compatible version, how do u like it man(or anyone else) ?

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Originally posted by w0lv3rin3
XP default FW is the most lammest FW ever
actually, it's rated as good as the rest at keeping the buggers from getting in..it just doesn't keep xp from tryin to get out, or adware from getting out
Most Firewalls I’ve come across are nothing more that port scanners/hiders. Good firewalls require at least two machines and some sort of router/packet switching intelligent interpreter as a buffer.

You can’t stop professional hackers from ripping of your data as they passed this software firewall hurdle years ago, but that’s not the point. Do you have something of national importance stored on a computer? If so someone is going to steal it. Even encryption won’t help, it will only delay.

I’ve seen data ripped of secure systems with such ease as to baffle the most intelligent aficionado’s in computer security because it was so simple that they never considered it at all.

Software firewalls keep young children (script hackers) out of your machine. They have absolutely no effect on the professional whatsoever as they have more than six ways of accessing your data, it’s that simple.



Disclaimer: These are my opinions, only that, nothing more, nothing less.

Here's what I've found based on the 3 firewalls I've tried out.

NPF: supposedly one of the best firewalls out there. i hated it, no matter what permissions i set, the stupid program could not seem to remember my preferences and felt it necessary to ask me over and over if i wanted to allow all different kinds of incoming tcp requests. i don't know, it got on my nerves so i got rid of NPF. on the positive side though, it was very user friendly but still allowed for advanced control.

Black Ice: supposedly "the best" firewall software out there. i beg to differ, it doesn't matter what version, it's crap.

Zone Alarm Pro: user friendly enough that someone with the most minimum knowledge of what a firewall is can successfully set it up and still have all their programs work without issue, yet it has all the advanced options that an advanced user would need for customiztion. not to mention, it does remember your preferences and if it does pop up windows on you, first off you can disable them, second they close themselves after about 15 seconds.

Sygate is supposedly another good firewall, but i know next to nothing about it.

As stated in previous posts, firewalls are really only going to stop the jacka$$e$ who think they are hackers. If someone who knows what they are doing really wants to hack your computer, they will and your firewall will do nothing to stop them, rather it will most likely goad them on. But luckily, those who really know what they are doing generally won't waste their time hacking the average joe's PC, they have bigger fish in mind (not to mention bigger challenges), that is unless it is personal, then you're screwed and the firewall still won't help you. Biggest advantage, also as stated in previous posts, a firewall saves bandwidth by blocking out internet noise.

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