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What is a good laptop?


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I am currently searching for a laptop.

My girlfriend says The MacBookPro is good.

Does anyone have any thoughts on laptops? What to buy, what not to buy?

I'm getting it cheap. Australian $90. Any laptop I want and its also legal...

Any help would be great!
I'll take 2 at that price. :)

Anyway. A MacBook Pro is a great laptop... BUT, the only thing you'll need is an AppleCare warranty. Because if you don't, you only have a year warranty on that laptop, and if that Logic Board dies after the warranty is out, then you're looking at about $600-$1200 depending on the motherboard it uses. Other than that, a good Windows Laptop with Vista or Media Center on it, wifi, 100+ GB Hard drive and anything over 1GB would suffice for most people. :)


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For people that want real money, that would be [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]

37.5477 GBP


75.2571 USD

I assume it's a school or business buy rot he $90 price and any LAPTOP you want to select will be supplied.

We need to know what it is being used for. MAC and Windows based are radically different and generally don't run the same software.

If it's for business then the jobs it will be used for will determine if it has to be a MAC or a Windows based LAPTOP.

So first tell us whether you need a MAC or Windows based PC. OR if you don't know tell us what it will be used for.


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LoL I am a lesbian...

My friend works at a store and to get rid of the old stock, they take the price down to anything you want really. He is putting it down to $90 for me. Brand new.

It will be for personal use. Games, Internet, Burning etc.

I'm not sure if I want to go with Vista or maybe just stick to XP? I've heard some bad reports about Vista?


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i still dont really understand the facination with macbooks ..cant really mod them ..and they cost a crapload to fix ... and are way overpriced to begin with. But i guess for the price you are speaking of .. can't really complain if something goes wrong with it.
We're back to my question. We need to know whether you want a PC (Vista or XP) or a MAC (totally different software) based system.

Generally considered easier to learn, unless you already use Microsoft based PCs.
More stable, less prone to internet infection.

PC -
Cheaper (but not in your case) to buy.
Cheaper to get fixed.
Gobs of free software available.
Can be upgraded to some extent, if needed (RAM and hard disk) at reasonable cost.

If this is your first PC and you don't have a lot of experience a MACbook is probably the best choice.

Yes, avoid Vista if going with the Windows based PC. It is young and still has issues, like maybe your printer or camera won't work with it.

If you want to go for a Windows based PC it depends on what brands are available. ACER, HP/Compaq, Dell, Toshiba, Gateway, IBM/Lenovo etc. Avoid ACER, Gateway and Lenovo! Poor reliability.


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I mainly want the laptop to have in my room.

I was thinking Dell might be a good brand to have? I'm not worried about any faults, as I can get them fixed for free.

I'm thinking I might look around, and see if I can get a PC for my room at the same price.

Wish me luck!

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