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What I like to do when a telemarker calls me ..


Beware the G-Man
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Hahahahaha! That was one pissed off person. :p

Hell, If I ever pick up the phone and it's a telemarketer I usually get them to say who they are and then I ask them to hold a minute (I give them some excuse) and put them on hold. Then I walk away, for about an hour. :rolleyes: :p


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lol... that reminds me of some dumbass who called me and tried selling me calling cards from New York.... What the *bleep* what he thinking of when I live in the UK.


In the beginning......
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Tell you what I normally do I just hang up, but I did get a call once from an irish girl who sounded nice enough so I didn't hang up, who was selling gates for really cheap, so I asked her if there was a catch and she said yes. So I said I would take 2! :p


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Man this is hilarious! Kind of reminds me of Samuel L. Jackson's line in Pulp Fiction: "DOES-HE-LOOK-LIKE-A-BITCH?"

Perris Calderon

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perosnally, I love talking to telemarketers, I get them off their script and we have some fun conversation.

that's just me

I've been getting some telemarketing on my cell phone though

that PISSES me off, telemarketers should be FORCE to pay air time when they call a cell phone


.. Commodore ..
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Just use the counter script at


although also saying "Hello this is the CIA, all calls with be monitored and traced" is good as well :)
That is good, I like that ..

Perris, I agree with you on that. They should not be allowed to call cell phones, and, they should not be allowed to call on Sundays. Especially when you are in the middle of sunday service ..

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