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What happened to VR?

What happened to the virtual reality headsets that were around
in the early nineties. I remember using one at a trade fair which
was playing a rediculously blocky game of tanks, but being able to
see 360 degrees all round by just looking without the use of controls was fantastic! I assumed then, that this would be the norm for games in the future, but for some reason it died a death, pity really I thought it was great.


A Very Confused Bunny
well VR is just one of those things that seemed to have been totally forgotten about.

I think that the first VR headsets and the games and software that came with them were so lame, that there is a stigma on VR that it really can't seem to shake.

With PCs and Graphics in thier high state of quality at the moment .... surely a VR helmet is just something that controls mouselook functions while ur playing something like half-life or Quake 3? I have seen a pair of glasses that you can watch PC or TV stuff and gives u the impression of a screen that is about 6 foot wide .... surely it wouldn't be so hard to put a few motion sensors in the glasses that would make turning your head just like moving ur mouse in the game world.

Merge that with the wicked 3D system in order to give the appearance of a 3D image (I believe if the technology was tied to Voodoo cards ... then surely NVIDIA own the rights at the moment), then u have a decent VR system for gaming.

Only prob is with fast paced games like counter strike you stand a fairly good chance of giving urself whiplash looking behind u all the time! :D

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