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What games are you playing right now?


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Personally, I play the following:


BF 1942
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
Silent Hill 2


Splinter Cell
Metal Gear Soid 2: Substance
Ghost Recon
even though I dislike RPG-RTS games, I bought Neverwinter Nights and Warcraft III.
what is keeping me playing those two is the storylines for both games just want to see the end :cool:


my fave current game is NFSHP2 ...since i loaded all my own music just seems that much better


I am playing regularly now:

MOHAA (awesome)
Jedi Knight II
The Sims
Ghost Recon Island Thunder (Multiplayer) and single player with cheats :happy:
ocasionally Max Payne....still a favorite. Coming soon Mafia , Hitman and Splinter cell.


I'm still playing THPS3....I never get sick of it.

Also playing BF1942 & Real Girls Strip Poker (on occassion).

But my primary game is a MUD (multi user dungeon) called Pandora's Box. It's a RPG, all text based. I've been playing it for over 4 years now (after an 8 month LOA b/c someone hacked it and destroyed all the pfiles and code -- it SUCKS starting over after playing a Grey Elf Exorcist with high rank within the clan as the High Priest of my Goddess for 3 of those 4 years -- also sucks to have all the areas I helped build gone -- but life goes on and rebuilds).


Graphic Designer
Currently playing games, hmm ,

1. Unreal Tournament 2003
2. Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2

& more other like : Math , Chemistry .. :rolleyes:
Originally posted by Electronic Punk
Spearhead took 2 hours.
Sum Of All Fears took an hour.

Back to Counter-strike.
one hour to finish a game how can that be:cool:

I just downloaded the leaked demo of Black hawk Down, it runs slowly with geforce 2

Electronic Punk

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Originally posted by Octopus
one hour to finish a game how can that be:cool:

I just downloaded the leaked demo of Black hawk Down, it runs slowly with geforce 2
I am very good at fps games ;)

and as for black hawk down, what do you expect with a beta and an old card... betas are designed to run on higher end systems and then tweaked up to work on antiques ;)


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I've just set up a home network so atm Quake 3 Arena is getting the most game play, others are;

1. M$ RallySport Challenge
2. Need4Speed HP2
3. BlackHawkDown official demo
4. Virtua Tennis
5. UT2003



sid meier's colonization.

yes a bit old but damn what a classic. is anyone a fan of this game and care to talk strategy?

i played 6 hours today.. and ive probably beaten the game 100 times.

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