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What Do You Folks Think of the Bloglines Beta?


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Anyone check out the Bloglines beta recently? If so, what do you guys think?

I have been using Bloglines for a few years now - have tried a few other web based and desktop readers and always go back to it. It took me a little getting used to for the new look/feel of it, and honestly wasn't sure I liked it at first.

However, I do really enjoy how they now handle the items being marked as read. With the current version, if you click on a feed it defaults all items within that feed as read. Not a big deal, but if you have to run or close the browser, or IE crashes you can't go back to those unless you do a display within the last 72 hours for example. I dig how you actually need to scroll over the article to have it marked as read, rather nifty.

Just actually checked it out for the first time yesterday (I know, I'm cutting edge), but will do again later today and post anything else I like/disklike.

What about you?


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Does it offer anything over Google Reader? I started off my RSS whoring using BlogLines, yet moved over to GReader when it went all fancy and haven't looked back since.


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I will try to post screenshots this weekend at some point, don't have any sophisticated software for that at work and using mspaint will be painful :D However, you seem to be able to test drive it here? https://beta.bloglines.com/b/view

I thought it was funny yesterday when it said my browser was not compatible and I need to use Firefox, but I said continue anyway with IE.

I do 90% of my RSS at work, and as I mentioned before I think the Outlook part needs an add-on. We can't download and install software from the internet at work without things going through QA first - anything outside of that policy is violation and grounds for termination. Translation = I use Bloglines - which I actually had to get special access just to get to the website since normally it's blocked :p

I tried Google Reader once, didn't really fancy it. But I suggest you give the beta a whirl Dave. IMO from what I have noticed so far - MUCH improved and sleeker!


OK I lied, here you go :D


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The biggest reason why I shifted to GR was because of it's speed. Any particular reason why you are "hating" on Google? :p


I may actually be insane.
Gave it a quick play earlier. It just looks like they took everything that makes GReader awesome and added it to their own reader.

I must admit, in Safari at least, it's definitely faster than Google, and I really like the 3-panel layout option. I don't think that's enough to make me switch though :)


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I also started with bloglines, and quickly went to GReader, I think maybe because of the name originally. Now it's just something simple and fast, and I have gotten used to it.

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i must have had the addon then - cant remeber installing anything for it though, i thought they added it on one of the service packs - meh never mind
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The biggest reason why I shifted to GR was because of it's speed. Any particular reason why you are "hating" on Google? :p
Not hating on Google Reader at all - tried it once, can't remember why but didn't really like it. I have tried several other things but always go back to Bloglines, and I'm liking what I'm seeing with the beta so far :)


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I use NetNewsWire for Mac OS X for my RSS reading. I used to use the internal Safari RSS reader, but after I got to about 100 feeds it started slowing down.

I add about 10 feeds a month or so to my list of blogs to read. Mostly tech related.

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