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What do you all think about this set up

Ok here is goes. I participate in the intel retail edge program and 1 a year we get the opptunity to purchase a progam bundle. This year it consists of Intel® Pentium® 4 processor 550 with HT Technology and Intel® Desktop Board BOXD915PBLL

Your price**: $199.99 was 849.99
Bonus Software - a $299 value FREE with your kit purchase!**
Microsoft* Windows XP* Professional

Ok here is my plans on setting it up. I have 2 160GB SATA Drives which will be RAID 0. and will hold the OS. I have 2 ATA 200GB for back up purposes (ie. Movies, Games, Photos, Software, Music ect.) Then I have a 20GB SATA That is used for a drive share (Will hold photos and family stuff for our web page.) Now on to some other parts. The video card is PCI-Express So I got an ATI 600XT Pro PCI-e. It is going to have 1 GB of OCZ platinum series
DDR2 533mhz memory. I got a Hauppauge PVR-250 tv card. 8 in 1 reader for the 3.5 slot and a floppy drive. Sony DVDROM and a SONY Dual layer DVD+-R/RW.

I am thinking about taking my old Audigy 2 Plat. and put in this case but the MB has support for 7.1 sound.

So what do you all think. Do you think it will scream or what. I got a raidmax case and up to a 520 watt power supplyI have 4 80mm fans up front, 1 tricolor LED fan pushing air out the side and 2 80MM fans in the back going out. The power supply has 3 fans as well. Hell I might have to un hook some of them it may be too loud.

I will be hooking up my Klipsh Pro medias to it as well.

Any comments or suggestions?

Ahh, damn-it. I have the same deal, and I WAS gonna get it, but I would've had to get a PCI-E card, and Gig of DDR2 ram. That combined with the exchange rate on everything to canadian was just more then I can afford right now.

Seems like a wicked system.
Yea I spent a good amount of $$$'s on this. The most expensive was the DDR2 533Mhz Memory 2X512's. Hope it rocks it will be here tomorrow



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everything on that is sweet though I would like to know any other options you had for a graphics card cause all the x600 is a pci-e 9600?

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