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what brands for powersupply but i want it cheap!


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Originally posted by prodj88
oh and does anyone know about a brand called "powmax" they have really cheap ones. so does raidmax...
m8... please use the edit key if you are posting the EXACT same msg with one or two words added on to the end...

please in future remember to do so :)

I removed your other IDENTICAL post...


btw.. antex/ enermax are 2 excellent psu brands..
Originally posted by Sazar
probably coz I am british educated ?

Properly educated you mean :p

I would personally never skimp on the PSU, you get a dodgy one of those you could end up with a completely toasted system


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i've heard raidmax and sparkle are good brands. i've heard of powmax somewhere, but don't remember. i think i have one around here.

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