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What are the age ranges here?


OSNN Senior Addict
thirty year old married guy basking in the san diego sun...have 2 daughters and a son, AB+ blood type....filipino american....5ft 9 inc 155lbs...think that should work for future polls...lol:D


OSNN Senior Addict
right back at you man many respects to people like you that can juggle work kids and play...but wait till your daughter is 16 think your losing hair now man just wait :D
BELEIVE me, I know that is coming. I am looking forward to it with cautious optimism.:eek: I know that when that comes, my hairline will make a b-line for my b-hind.:(


Real Name No Gimmicks
22, feeling pretty young in this thread.... :D

No kids, no brain, no responsabilities, live on my own,

life is not bad, not bad at all...




47 one son Wife ten years younger than me (went to school with my youngest Sister) lol.
but hell theres someone out there for everyone :D


Confused and Bewildered
36 and God is good...wouldn't want to be a teenager again for anything; was bad enough then, can't imagine the pressure you kids (lol ha i can say kids now lol) have today....but nice hardware setup :)

no way my kids get their own puter! lol got three, 12 (omigod, how did that happen so soon), 9 and 7. they gonna help me put in new power supply tommorrow. kids is fun

wife is fun too. mine is 9 years older than me...been married 16 years in july, just gettin started. we (i should say she, cause she does all the real work) homeschool the kids.

life is good. computer be kickass good soon as i get all the stuff i ordered last week lol


Prodigal Son
Electronic Punk, nothing wrong with feeling like a teenager again. Enjoy youth as long as you can. As earlier in my postings, I'm 31 but, I still feel like a teenager sometimes. At least until my kids call me old man. OLD?:(

BTW...even though you changed your avatar since the poll, you still have one of the best.:D
I'm an old wrinkly of 53ísh, 4 kids from the first time round and 1 from my most recent, 2 grandchildren and often feel out of place here!!!!

(don't really, I always feel at home here)

ta ta



Man seeing all these ages makes me feel like baby and i'm just 18.
Enjoy it while you can, Because when the female type beast get's hold of you and say's i do it's all over or the begining depends how you look at it. Also it's not weather your in the s#*t it's the depth that varys.

Only half true, but enjoy youth while you can. I'm only 27 but feel old already. No kids yet but in the next couple of years (hopefully not twins).

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