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Westell 327w Range issue.


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Ok going back to my previous post:


Well it must have been a mystical twist of fate, because the router i got the Westell 327w, is sh1t incarnate.... i am not even exagerrating here, when i say it has a max range of 2 feet, and at that range mt pc keeps on losing its connection..

.. now i know my wireless card is fine as it picks up all the connections from about 7 apartments around mine.

I changed the channel to different channels, to make sure i wasn't using the same channel as someone else and nothing works.

Any suggestions would be very appreciated to extend my router range....
With 7 other transmitters around you it sounds like the westell is getting drowned out by the others. That should not happen and I suspect either a bad unit or it's just a crappy design (no ability to reject signals from other units.

RMA time.

Have you tried any other brands? If there are 7 other transmitters around you interference is going to be a problem.


There is no answer!
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i thought as much, i'm just going to call verizon billing and have them ship me a different make and model.

The extremely strange thing with this model is that it does not appear ANYWHERE on the internet, not on the verizon dsl page or on westells page its the d90 varient the others are either a,b or c. But d90 appears nowhere... its just bizarre.
That's not uncommon. It may be a European or Asian product that is not liscenced for consumer sale in the USA. Verizon cuts a blanket OEM purchase and slaps a proprietary part number on it.

Just for laughs does it have a UL and FCC certification sticker? What class FCC sticker? It may be a Class A commercial unit that does not have to meet as stringent requirements as Class B consumer products.
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