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We're all Doomed!

Wow, I can't wait. 2 million new lawsuits a day. How exciting for the lawyers.

It sounds like they're trying ot target the guys who do the ripping. Of course how do you prove that the first uploader on Edonkey wasn't the 1000th guy to get it off IRC and just spread it across networks?

Back in the 1970's people used to spend more money trying to avoid taxes than they would have paid. A massive billion dollar industry grew up just to feed the "I ain't gonna pay it" fanatics with questionable investments (oil drilling partnerships, boxcar rentals, jojoba plantations, etc.).

What we are now seeing is the tech version of this insanity. Companies are feeding on the media's paranoia about copying to scam them out of money for detection and prevention services. I still split a gut laughing every time I think of the kid with his marker drawing a line on the CD and going "****, damn, it works now!" Or the Shift key while inserting exploit, or a teenager in Finland writing DSS decrypter. And on and on...

What neutered the tax avoidance industry? A simplified tax structure with lower overall rates. Hmmm, maybe if a CD was $8 like an audio casette used to be instead of $20... Or downloadable MP3's were $0.50 instead of a buck... Or if 7 out of 8 songs on a CD didn't suck... Or if they provided added content like nude photo's of the performers... (Ooops, who said that?)


Blame me for the RAZR's
industry is trying to stem the flood.. yet they dont adapt.. and it will be there own fault. they should take a look at current events. Hmm we have a no drug policy.. hmm... thats going real well. P2P is like lots of other unsavy things. The more you push ,2 things most likely happen.
1. it adapts. EXeem is gona be intresting.
2. It goes underground... not a bad thing the public eye is what drives this.

im not advocating downloading illegal stuff.. i just dont like the way its all going down.. RIAA and the MPAA are not really good things... for the users or the artists.

<end rant>
Agreed, if the record companies invested this money into new artists and raw talent the way they used to, instead of taking the easy route and just pushing out the same old crap (most boy/girl groups) most these bands disintegrate after a few years. Plus most of their biggest hits are covers!!!

Splash'n'Dash Cash ;P
'Gotta jump in here....

All the hype is distracting from the root cause of "the problem:"
copyright-enforcement-based (CEB) business models.

The CEB model was fine when (and so long as): (1) it enjoyed
governmental protection and enforcement backing, (2) reproduction
and distribution of copyrighted material was difficult enough soas
to make it easier to buy than to pirate, and most importantly, (3)
the government in #1 was far-reaching and powerful enough to entice
all other nations to abide by its particular copyright law(s).

Electronically-based media technology has progressed to the point
where it is now easy (and cheap) enough to make and distribute
pretty much any copyrightable medium. (Not just soft MP3 songs,
but CDs, printed matter, etc.) So much for item #2.

The majority of countries in the world today do not care to abide
by or attempt to enforce U.S. copyright law within their borders.
They have found it vastly too expensive, with zero return. (When
was the last time you heard of, say, the Chinese gov't being given
M$ by the RIAA for halting music piracy??) There goes #3.

Several large mega-companies in the US are almost solely CEB for
their profit. These are established companies with clout and B$,
hence, a voice with the US politicians. They have managed to
blinder the policymakers in the US to what those other countries
have discovered: the CEB model has become impossible to cost-
effectively enforce. (I mean, come on here folks! Congress just
extended copyright protections an additional 20 years (now 95
years!) to satisfy the corporate money grabbers! This flies in
the face of the very intent of the copyright law, which was to
the creator's investment during their lifetime!
The clock is ticking on #1....

Hence as I see it the CEB model was doomed to collapse from
the first moment a corporation rather than the creator themselves
bet their future on CEB money. Current technology has only
shortened the life yet that much more by making #2 piracy cost
near zero (which is damned hard to beat, commercially! :yowch:)

If this still doesn't sound like it rings true to you, then think about
the US, and the US ONLY, where most of these CEB businesses
reside are doing things like:
- As mentioned earlier: extending copyright duration another 20
years, well beyond the original "lifetime" intent once again.
- Making it illegal to copy even on-air HD broadcasts starting in
July OF THIS YEAR without a per-instance or subscription license.
I.e. You cannot use an "HD VCR" to time-shift TV shows anymore.
- Disallowing discounted prices for the repurchase of copyrighted
material in a previous format (for which you've already paid the
copy rights, right?) The CEB corp's successfully argued that -
get this - distribution in a different format or on different media
constituted a new creative instance of the material!!! What BS!!
Good news on this one, though: the courts have disagreed somewhat:
I strongly abide by copyright restrictions, but I fight for my Free
Use rights, too. I have also shifted more of my music purchases
to small bands and individuals who sell their own material without
going through the established CEB corporate denizens.

However I consider those inevitable hordes downloading "illegal
content" to be the banner bearers of the future CEB-free world,
or at best one where copyright law is back protecting the content
creators and not the CEB corporations that they inadvertently

'Nuff said. G'nite Gracie!


---pro a.v. geek
Dear sir Ididntdoit,
In your post dated January 28th, 2005 you typed the following phrase:
"G'nite Gracie!"
As you may or may not be aware, that quote is from a televisionshow called Burns & Allen. These shows arecopyrighted,and as such we have no choice but to fine you for useof our IP. We estimate that at least 5000 peolple have viewedthis page, and anticipate that each viewer will qoute this in ane-mail, phone call, or water cooler conversation at least 100times. We also ascertain that said intellectual property isworth, on a per use basis, $100.We therefore anticipate yourcheck of $50,000,000. Please make check payable to:
Dewey, Cheatem & Howe.
Please respond ASAP, as we are busy harvesting valueable organsfrom orphaned children and could really use the money to lobbyagainst what's left of the Bill of Rights.

Ya' never know, it could happen.
suicide_pact said:
Dear sir Ididntdoit,
In your post dated January 28th, 2005 you typed the following phrase:
"G'nite Gracie!"
As you may or may not be aware, that quote is from atelevisionshowcalled Burns & Allen. These shows are copyrighted,and as suchwehave no choice but to fine you for use of our IP. Weestimate thatatleast 5000 peolple have viewed this page, and anticipatethateachviewer will qoute this in an e-mail, phone call, orwatercoolerconversation at least 100 times. We also ascertainthatsaidintellectual property is worth, on a per use basis, $100.Wethereforeanticipate your check of $50,000,000. Please makecheckpayable to:
Dewey, Cheatem & Howe.
Please respond ASAP, as we are busy harvesting valueable organs fromorphaned children and could really use the money to lobby againstwhat's left of the Bill of Rights.

Ya' never know, it could happen.
are you serious


---pro a.v. geek
Of course not, it's a joke. Didn't the part about harvesting orphans'organs seem a little bit far fetched? (lawyers will NEVER admit thatthey do this, even though it's true.)
I think Suicide's post is legit and he should press his legal claims. I can recommend a good IP law firm and they only kick back 10% of their legal fees to me.

As for the orphans a lower risk approach would be to harvest from derelicts (who cares about them) and claim that the organs come from healthy orphans. Any recipient fatalities can be written off to poor implant procedures and you can than sue the doctors doing the implants.

This is a much safer business model than the one proposed.

The preceding post is a paid for by the American Trial Lawyers Association.
Deer Sewerside_Packed: :yowch: :laugh: (rotflmao)

As I'm sure you are aware, use of the ficticious Law Firm name
"Dewey, Cheatem & Howe(C)" is an infringement of the
copyrighted poster by The Three Stooges.

Googling(TM) this phrase in the context of that poster yields
1,040 similar infringements. (I.e. No Copyright mark/logo, nor
any reference to same.)

Given that this poster was produced in 1945 and that, since you
know how to use a computer you must have been born after then,
and these items have been selling at a rate of 200/week, we find
you solelessly responsible for the entire scheme of careless use of
the name and compute your fine to be $404,560,000.
(1040*1945*200. Payable via PayPal, pls, to "Alotta Bull".)

Okay, okay already!!! What's all this got to do with WinDoze(TM)
crummy security and related problems, anyway?? :yowch:
(Actually, it's a valid issue that's not very funny to several
thousands of people who will find out about it the hard way....)

(On second thought, you recognized the phrase "G'nite Gracie"!
Therefore you may be as old a curmudgeon as I!! :eek: You're
forgiven.... :rolleyes: )

But alas, what to do about this sitaution?

I say those of us that have music on old vinyl albums, cassette
(and dare I say, 8-track?!?! :eek: ) tapes should begin legally
downloading digital copies of all of them now. A few of us are
bound to get caught in one of the CEB co's widely-cast nets,
and then we'll start winning a few of the cases that these
parasites are bring upon us! Once the press gets a hold of a
few cases lost it may snowball to the point where the %age
is bad enough (>10%?) that they drop the whole thing.

Yeah, RIGHT! :laugh: You go first!! :laugh::dead: (Nuff' said!)

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