We're all buying AMD64 for the wrong reasons :P


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well.... I knew all about the memory controller moving onto the chip, this is one reason why I was surprised my Neo2 board had a NB fan, I was hoping it would not need it since it had a lot less work to do.

I was tempted at thought of Opterons and for a server would seriously consider, but there IS let us face it a cost trade off and also I would like a multi=proc board for that...

Soooo I HOPE I bought mine for the right reasons (or nearly so)

Now tell me - did I miss the point? Or a point?
Heh you just stated why people are buying amd64 - memory controller on chip. What that article mentions is that its not the fact that the amd64 core has that, but rather it has 2 physical channels to system ram - and hyper transport gives system engineers the abillity should they desire to assign a 48bit wide databus to every single component on the mainboard, and that hypertransport really comes into its own when you attach PCI-Express to it.

It would also seem from that article that if intel swallowed its pride and licensed Hypertransport and folloed sun, apple, ibm, etc its CPU's would have much more I/O capacity.

But it brins up a good point. All us types with money to burn seem to be stuck on the "more mhz is better" loop. It seems from that article we want to be buying "more I/O capacity is better" stuff instead. The fewer places for data to get stuck at the interchange the better.

Thats basically the gist of it but you really do need to read the article to understand it :)


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LordOfLA said:
All us types with money to burn seem to be stuck on the "more mhz is better" loop.
Isn't this why people have been buying AMD for years? They know "MHz" isn't everything. :classic:

*or a Mac even :nervous:
Lord you gave away the punch line after you said you wouldn't! Now people aren't going to read all the way to the last paragraph to get the answer.

PS I buy AMD because I get more bang for the buck.

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