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Welcome to Texas Wine Country


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Texans consider seeing the bluebonnets abloom in the Hill Country a true rite of passage. For those of us merely passing through this time of year, the experience borders on pure joy.

Named for their tender bonnet-shaped petals, the flowers grow wild in the Lone Star State. Try as they might, experts can't always predict their exact arrival. Most years, the first blooms begin to freckle the roadsides and meadows in March and reach their peak in mid-April, though it's not uncommon for the blooms to last into May.

Finding the best blooms is akin to sport in Texas. Most locals will direct you to their favorite spots if you ask politely. The tourism folks will sell you maps that illustrate loops and trails that have been fruitful in the past. Or you can do what we did -- just get in the car, and explore at will.

In addition to bluebonnets, you'll also find those things that are quintessentially Texas -- barbecue joints, dance halls, and small towns filled with quirky characters. But we found some surprises. All across the region, sophisticated restaurants take Texas cuisine to new heights. Vintners plant new wineries every year. Well-established artists are generating a groundswell of interest in cutting-edge art
I've travelled with friends and ladies up and down the country-roads to and from Fredricksburg and Marble Falls (sorta/kinda the same way, marble falls being where I picked up my 2nd kitten) and the wine is actually not that bad.

The taste is definitely different but, it's not bad. I am still partial to some French brews but I'll give essentially anything interesting a go.

There's a lot of other stuff going on besides :D but the wines are pretty decent. If you're in the area, give it a go :cool:


F@H - Is it in you?
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It's but grape-juice J :cool:

I'm gonna have to come visit one of these days. Just to make you fall off that dry wagon :cool:

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