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Weired... copying dss file denied


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This is a weired situation i bumped into and was wondering if anyone could help me its also kind of hard to explain but i'm going to try.

- 2 computers connected to eachother via network cable
- lap top has full access to desktop and and viceverser
-laptop can copy all files off desktop except *.dss files

error message appears when trying to copy .dss type of files

"cannot copy lecture02: access is denied

make sure the disk is not full or write-protectede
and the file is not currently in use"

desktop can however copy these files onto laptop

and once the *.dss files are on laptop and copied "back" onto desktop computer it can be freely copied back onto laptop

i mean whats the deal with the dss files.. if its downloaded off the net i can't copy it to my laptop but if i their from else where or a dss file i create i have no problem copying them.. is there a security thing i'm missing? sorry if the solution is simple but i'm new to this whole network thing.
Sounds like something is blocking the copying or creating of .dss files. Certain antivirus and firewalls can block certain file types and will give the same error message. Not too sure about symantec antivirus (is this the enterprise version??) but I'm sure zonealarm has this option. Just make sure that permissions on both folders you are copying from/to are set so that 'everyone' has full permission.


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but the thing is that if i create a .dss file i am allowed to copy it

or .dss files which were previously transfered from laptop to desktop are allowed to be copied back onto laptop

its only the .dss files i download off the internet or a cd that i have problem coping onto laptop...

and also that i can sit on my desktop and copy the files to my laptop
but i can't sit on my laptop and copy the same files from my desktop

ps. how do i allow my laptop to view my program files on my desktop?

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