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Weird Windows Bug! Please Help!



Alright, sometimes when I am running Internet Explorer or starting Outlook or just randomally my computer will almost completely stop. I push Ctrl + Alt + Delete (this shot is after closing Internet Explorer) Link To Image (To Big) and it says internet explorer is still running and taking up 50% on my CPU while System is taking up the other 50%, I can't end either task and my copmuter is basically frozen after this happens. I run a full updated version of AVG 7 Pro on a high end computer and also have trojan scanning software, so I'm almost positive its not a virus.

Please help me this is very annoying!

Thanks in advance,
T Bone


Nissan Powered
1, image is to big needs to be a maximum of 1024x768
2, I don't think there is anything to do cept end the explorer.exe process then start it again

3, I have this same problem after I watch a movie file over the network, cept mine gets to about 150megs to 200megs and I have to end/restart it and it runs fine again.


Political User
Have you tried checking your page file? To see if its big enough? Tried defragging?

And i hate to go there, but possible a reinstall of your OS might help.


Real Name No Gimmicks
Just guessing here but...

Do U get anything in your event viewer?
Did u try windows update for a IE patch?




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Is your PC overclocked. I used to have similar problems - overclocking troubleshooting is subtle. Also, I woudn't trust AVG. Avast! Antivirus is freeware, has passed more virus tests and has more features.

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