Weird Vista Install Problem - Help!


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18 Feb 2004
I have tried to install Vista (clean install on blank HD) but after it is done installing and loads up the Welcome screen for the first time the prompt to create an account and enter a Username and Password appears but then quickly disappears.

Due to this, I am unable to create an account because when I restart Vista, the prompt for creating a User account never appears again. I try to logon as Administrator with the password field left blank but it says the account has been disabled.

What can I do and why is it doing this? :dead:

I can't even use Vista due to this weird problem as I can never reach the desktop :(
I found out the problem!

Looks like the Promise TX 100 IDE PCI card was causing this problem. I unplugged it, installed Vista then re-insert the card and all is fine!
Bizarre problem, its also one of the reasons I'm waiting for SP1 until I upgrade.

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