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weird problem with laptop keyboard and battery


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when ever i take the battery out of my acer aspire 5920 the 1 2 q w a s z x fn both of the ctrl and shift keys tab capslock ` and esc keys stop working. the first time this happened i fix it by a hard reset, the second time the hard reset didn't work, so i had to take out the cmos battery cable for a few minutes. this time none of these things worked and i'm out of ideas. i have updated the bios and a lot of other things like that, i just need some help. will i be able to fix this problem or do i have to take it somewhere to be fixed and what is causing the problem.
help would really be appreciated because the on screen keyboard sucks.


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how old is this laptop?

My guess is there is a loose connection somewhere seeing as it impacts keys in the same general area. You can pull apart your laptop and reseat the keyboard connector to see if that helps.. but, generally, I hate working on laptops.


OSNN One Post Wonder
the laptop is only just over a year old. and i have taken the keyboard out, its connected fine. it only happens when the battery is taken out, that must stuff something up. but i don't know that much about computers, so i need some help.

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