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Weird IDE problems



(Sorry if this is hard to follow - busy day @ Uni, and I'm typing this in between courseworks, if you want any more details, I'll provide them)

Hi, I recently helped out a girl from my old work by replacing an old Hard Disk, and installing a DVD ROM drive.

The motherboard is a Jetway V266B (Same board as I'm running..with no problems), with an AMD Duron 800Mhz.

The problem started when I mounted the Hard disk onto the Primary channel as the master, and the DVD ROM+CDRW on the Secondary Channel (Jumpers set according to the config).

When I went to boot up, the machine powered up, and nothing showed on the monitor (except for 'NO SIGNAL' which is weird because that only shows when nothing's connected to it).

After some plaing around with the insides, I set the CDRW+Hard Disk on the primary IDE channel, and the CDRW on secondary IDE channel, and the system showed POST activity on the monitor, so I moved back to the CDRW+DVD on secondary setup, and it wouldnt show any output on the monitor.

To check that it wasnt the IDE cabling, I swapped the cbales around, but this had no effect.

I've got the system up and running now with the Hard Disk, and CDRW on the primary channel, but the idea was to keep the CD/DVD drives on their own channel, therefore maximising performance.

The PSU is fine, it's a 400w ATX (P4/AMD Apporved) and I've checked all the power cables, and every connection on the board.

Could anyone possibly shine any light on the matter? I've done every test I can think of.

Thanks for your time..

ok, reset the bios (just in case you had something bad set somewhere), then set the hard drive to IDE channel 0 master, and the CD to master IDE channel 1. if that does not work, move CD to slave on both channels 0, and 1. hopefully something worked, good luck.


Tried that...Like I said, it's up and running, but not with an ideal configuration..

Thanx anyway


Hey, no worries:)...any input is welcome...It's a tricky one though, isn't it? I mean, how does the IDE channel affect the output from the graphics card? -Very strange

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