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Weird HDD problem...


Must be dreaming...
Greetings again.
I got a small 3Gb hard drive that I want to format to use in an older system. So I did the normal things like using "fdisk" and "format".
I went to use fdisk first, and I discovered that the disk was split into 2 drives, one with a primary and extended dos partition, and the second with only a primary. I wanted to delete everything so I could just form one primary partition. Deleteing the primary partitions was ok, but when I tried to delete the extended partition, it errored saying that logical drives existed. So when I went to delete those logical drives, it errored again saying no logical drives were defined. I tried creating a logical drive so I could delete it, but it then says a logic drive already existed...

HELP! I just want to make one 3Gb partition, then format... Any suggestions?


hardware monkey
i've had this problem, but don't remember what i did, exactly. when you go to the 'delete partition' menu, try deleting it as every type... non-dos, primary, whatever whatever. know what i mean? one of them might work.


i think you have to delete the extended partitions first....dunno,been a long time since i used fdisk-use partition magic,much better


Must be dreaming...
Thanks taurus and theone1 for your suggestions.
I actually have tried deleting every single partition there was (like you said taurus), with no luck. I even tried creating another logical drive, and trying to delete that, with no luck either...

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I dont remember exectly but I think if u use win98 fdisk you should delete partisions from the end of the list to the begining, also create them like that.

BUT , I have a really bad memory (Kids, there is no sutch thing as "light drugs)".

Bytes Back

Ex Police Chief
Have you tried plugging the drive into your xp mahine and seeing it can make head or tail of it. ?

If all else fails, you might have to do a low level format.


sorry mate I have sneaked into your HDD problem thread...hope you don't mind

......Does this mean you can only have one primary partition and one extended? or you can have two or three primary partitions in one HDdrive?

Bytes Back

Ex Police Chief
You can only have one primary partition on a drive ( normally ) the rest of the space becomes an extended partition and then you can have as many logical drives as you like in that extended partition.


happend to me bout a week ago tryed partitioning into 2 20's umm if you have a wd hardrive go get there hardrive utillity on there website it does a low lvl format man took me 5 1/2 hours to do on a 40gig might take you way less time though


Must be dreaming...
Thanks to everyone that has suggested something to help poor lil old me! :D

Well, Bytes Back, I "would" plug it into my XP machine, but right now, my XP machine is down, because I blew up the mobo... :p

fedele, for some reason, the drive (which was not originally mine) was split into 2 logical drives, D: with a primary partition and extended, and E: with a primary.

Actually I was considering a low-level format, but wasn't sure whether it cleared partitions aswell...

:D Thanks agains y'all, Cheers!
Sounds like what I get after installing Linux...

One idea is to boot from the XP CD and remove/create partitions there. Then cancel the installation (unless you want XP on it) and you should be OK. Works for me! :)
Ragnarok, what hard drive you got?

Also is Ragnarok one of the clubs max payne goes through. Think its the level right before the first Valkir trip


Must be dreaming...
Thanks anyways y'all. I solved the problem with a low-level format proggy I found at the Maxtor site (just recently found out that Maxtor brought out Quantum... :rolleyes: ) I had a Quantum Fireball EX 3.2Gb, for all those who were wondering. So thanks all of you for your suggestions.

BTW gtgarside, yes Ragnarok is a club in Max Payne, but it's spelt "RagnaRock". Ragnarok is suppose to be Japanese for "End of the World" or something like that. It's also the name of the ship in Final Fantasy 8.

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