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Weird and serious mouse problems


Somewhat eXPerienced
Hey guys. I am experiencing some of the worst mouse problems anyone can, and they are frequent. I am currently using a Logitech Optical Wheel mouse. Sometimes whenever I reboot my computer, I get to the windows screen but i have no access to the mouse what so ever. Then I will reboot using my arrow keys and tab to get to the shutdown and then ill reboot, and it will still not give me access to my mouse.

I can view the mouse pointer, which is located at the screen, but I cant move it. I will have to reboot my computer several (So far the record is 10 times) times in order to get access to my mouse. I installed the drivers at one point, but instead the weirdest thing it really screwed up the movement of the mouse.

Sometimes programs that I open will immediately reboot my computer, and then the mouse will stop working again. I am uncertain if whether the computer is shut down improperly if it does that or what, no ideas.

Can someone help me? Is anybody else having the same problem?


No help sorry, but I had the same problem with my microsoft cordless optical mouse.

However, i have now installed a new motherboard, now my mouse isn't even being recognised by the USB port. probably some form of setting within the motherboard which i am unaware off??? It seems to have no power - anyone help?
USB mice are just funky in XP. I suggest getting yourself a ps/2 mouse.

I can only assume you've gotten all the windows updates available. Just keep up on those and hopefully in the near future they'll come out with a fix. A lot of folks are attaching adapters to their USB mice and plugging them into their ps/2 port.

Hopefully someone will jump on this thread in the next day or so and give you the fix. Good luck.
Hey Punkrulz your mouse is dead call tech support and get a new one. My M$ optic mouse did the same thing. It started off my mouse would lock up once in awhile and then finally when booted up my mouse Icon would just sit there. I called tech support and had a new one within 2 days. To cut through the BS about troubling shooting which they will try to get you to do. Just tell them you tested it on another computer running Win98 something like that. Hope this helps you.


Somewhat eXPerienced
I dont think its a mouse problem, I am pretty pretty sure that it is a Windows XP problem. Like I said, every now and then when I boot up the mouse just wont work, then I have to reboot a couple of times for it to work. :(
I would check that mouse. Does it work on another machine. Have you tried a different mouse. Like I said before I had the same problem and it was the mouse it went south.


I'm having exactly the same problem with my Logitech cordless mouse and have tried everything I can think of to find a fix but have had no luck so far. I have shelved the mouse for the time being and gone back to using my old Microsoft wheel mouse which works fine. Not much help I know but best suggestion so far.


Somewhat eXPerienced
No batteries whatso ever, its not cordless. Thel ight is on its just that I think sometimes when you boot up WindowsXP it doesnt detect the mouse for some reason.

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