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What would you do with a million dollars

  • Give it to charity

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  • Buy people nice things

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  • Buy the Bugatti Veyron: MSRP $1,000,000

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  • Buy One Hundred Eleven Toyota Corolla's

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Son Goku

No lover of dogma
I'd likely invest the greater portion of it. Albeit a standard savings might not be the best option for a greater portion. There are investments that can yield high dividends, while still being relatively safe in an investment portfolio.

That said, a portion of it, I would apply to getting myself out of debt, incurred while I was in school (getting rid of loan/interest payments would definitely help), as well as taking care of some other things that have been having to wait until I get a job. With less then $55,000 debt currently (mostly financial aid loans), the actual spending portion would not exceed $100k at most...


Dabba Dooba
Political User
I would buy myself a brand new Chevy Silverado 4x4 extended cab. Then give it a nice lift,mudders,dual exhaust,brush guard,roll bar and alot of other things.

My most important thing would get my damn dad to get to f-ing australia to get cured of cancer. He is so afraid of flying he won't go there to have the best chance of being cured. They found a guy that went there that had the same cancer as him and they gave him some sort of shot and it cured him. I guess it was on 20/20 once also.

He said the only way he will go if Angus from AC/DC personally brings him there. Thats most likely not gonna happen but I wish it would :(. If I had enough money I would somehow get my dad over there.

I also would like to help him and his soon to be wife and her kids since he can't work and she can't find a job plus she really can't since my dad couldn't handle her 3 kids the way he is alone and all that.

Evil Marge

I Rule
Political User
I'd give my kids half and put the rest in the bank to gain interest then I'd pack up and leave this boring dismal country,buy a nice little house on a Spanish hillside,start my own business and buy a dog :D


Spammer representing.
Political User
Investments. Make it two or three million, then live on the interest. Buy a nice flat in Italy and live there for part of the year. Basicly my retirement early!!!!!!


Mr. Bananagrabber
Political User
This is interesting, i am quite surprised as to why nobody seems to be coming to this poll. Any Suggestions?
BTW- 24 Rules!!!!!
- Jack


OSNN Veteran Addict
Political User
24 totally rules.. I am watching the premiere right now! :) on commercial break atm.

I voted save it spend a little.


Mr. Bananagrabber
Political User
At midnight you are watching the premier?
Anyways, absolutely agree, 24 is definately the best action/drama there is.
Hmmmm, maybe i'll do a poll on thursday about favorite tv shows in a category. What do you guys think of that?
- Jack


Mr. Bananagrabber
Political User
Stupid School. The screen here is way too small, does anyone know how i can keep the same thread but put a new post. I cant really fiddle around on these damn slow small screend school computers...


I may actually be insane.
You need to post a new thread. Only moderators can edit the poll's.

If you're going to post new threads though, maybe the date should be put into the title rather than just "Weekly Poll" ... else it could get confusing :)


Mr. Bananagrabber
Political User
SPeedY_B said:
You need to post a new thread. Only moderators can edit the poll's.

If you're going to post new threads though, maybe the date should be put into the title rather than just "Weekly Poll" ... else it could get confusing :)
- Jack

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