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Webmeeting tool/application?


Questions R me
Hey everyone :)

Long time since I've posted last.. But I still check the main page daily and I honestly think that the team behind NTFS.org have been doing a kick ass job since day one!

Anywas, I need an application that allows me to hold webcam meetings. MSN allows it for two users, but I need it to be able to hold potentially 30 users.

Anywhing above 2 is good too though, cause I haven't been able to find one ;)

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I may actually be insane.
Some friends and I looked into this previously and found nothing. With around 30 web-cams all streaming at once you're going to need a lot of bandwidth to get a decent size and frame rate anyhow.

I think the solution we came to in the end was to use simple "live" web-cam apps that stream straight from your connection (World Of WebCams is a good example.. not a very good app, but an example none the less. - http://ww.com/) and then use Net Meeting (or MSN could be used) for the Audio side of things.

I'm sure there is the software out there somewhere that can handle it though, there has to be :)
yeah I noticed that MSN cant do it in a grouped convo, but you can send to more than one user at a time, just in different windows

there has got to be something out there for it though


I may actually be insane.
If only IRC supported web-cams :p although that would be client side rather than server side support.

I just think that it comes down to bandwidth. For 30 web-cams to stream to each other, you need 1.5mb up and down minimum (judging on the factor of a single 320x240 frame averaging 50kb in size, and being connected to 30 peers) unless all data was uploaded to a main server then distributed amongst the clients, in which case it would only require a small upload but still 1.5mb down... Hmm, interesting, I have to go out now but I'm going to look into this later :)

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