Web server initial response slow?

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2 Dec 2001
I have a few web servers on my work lan that when you attept to reach them via http initially they are very very slow to respond, but after that initial pause of around 7seconds its generally quite quick we have other sites on the same network that are instant.

All seem to use asp varying between .net framework 1.1 and 2 and I am not sure what I can optimise to speed things up.

Anyone have any ideas?
Actually takes 29 seconds for the first load then instant after that.
Reading quotes that "This sounds normal, although a bit slow. The first time the Web service is
called, ASP.NET has to compile it and get it into memory. After that, it
should run fast as you say."

There is no reason it should have dropped out of memory however!
My school recently got an patch from Microsoft and updated their backend SQL servers, and their "intranet" is not so slow it seems like I am back on dialup. I called them out on it, and said it was pathetic, but alas they can't do anything until they rewrite the entire thing in .net 2.0 or whatever.
Did some more checking, basically the workers are recycled at 1:40 every morning so that explains why its slow as I am the only one using the website at the moment to test it - I have changed that back to just recycling the workers every 24 hours if they are not used.

Fixed community server, but as far as the other website goes, its just crap and I think it needs removing and reinstalling from scratch somewhere else!
I have noticed this a little, but figured it was probably just and occasional slow-down depending on traffic.
I have noticed this a little, but figured it was probably just and occasional slow-down depending on traffic.

Not this server. This is at his work! We don't run MS Windows.
I wasn't talking about this server dude :)

Was talking bout mine at work and a couple of places I have been hooked up to.


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