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Web design advice


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I'm about to start putting together a website so I can put my portfolio online (I'm a 3D artist). I've roughed out the layout I want in photoshop, but I've got no idea how to go about actually building the website or even what type of code to use. I was hoping someone could give me some pointers.

This is what I want to do:

The homepage displays a bunch of (possibly random) thumbnails of my art:

Clicking on one of the catagories under Portfolio shows this:

Clicking on the About or Contact shows this:

I'd appreciate any help you guys could give me.


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No it aint! You should check it out first before making sweeping opinions.

You can design complete websites with this software quickly and easily.
SWiSH Max is packed with features that make producing stunning interactive Flash animations a simple and painless experience. Here's just some of the features that make SWiSH Max so powerful.

SWiSH Studio2 is jam packed with features that make converting your SWF files to projector executables, screensavers or burning directly to a CD-ROM or DVD a simple and painless experience. Here are just some of the features that make SWiSH Studio2 so powerful.
Well, their very own descriptions of the product would indicate that it is used strictly for flash production. The samples on the pages are all flash. While, yes, you can design a whole site using flash, I wouldn't recommend it (note: My recommendation is just that.. mine - I admit to having a base level prejudice against flash only sites. Your opinions will vary).

I'm sure this guy doesn't want to waste time learning HTML. This proggy produces it for you.
Actually, I think anyone worth their salt in web design better have a rather through knowledge of HTML and how it really works and *should* be able to code a whole website in something as simple as notepad.

And mostprograms that produce html do such a crappy job of the actual markup that you almost have to go back through and clean it up by hand anyway.

And I don't know if the guy wants to spend $99 on the software and have to learn the software to create a flash only site either.
And I don't know if the guy wants to spend $99 on the software and have to learn the software to create a flash only site either.

Jeez! Even you're saying flash only. It does what i've said, simple.

The guy wanted advice, I assumed he would want something in my opinion easy to use, I gave it


I guess you told him.

Anyway, I would have to agree. And I speak from experience.
If you've got "experience", where's your suggestion also?

The guy needs help, not agreement with your buddy.

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Calm down Ezergeezer. You are taking this personally.

I don't do WYSIWYG. Everything I've done has been using Notepad. I learned to code using HTML code, and subsequently DHTML, XHTML, PHP, ASP, etc. That's what worked for me.

I have no problem with WYSIWYG editors and would recommend Dreamweaver (although I have yet to try CS3) or Microsoft Expression Web.
I am calm, just felt I was getting slated for giving what I thought was help.


p.s Whats the weather like in November, cause I'm coming to your town!


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Nobody was attacking you. It appears they were just offering a suggestion based on what they knew about the software you recommended.

November weather here in New York is tricky. It can be beautiful and warm (~60F) or it can be cold and snowy. Last November was beautiful.


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Looking good man :)

Edit: Although I recommend you learn some CSS so that the website looks good at resolutions greater than 640x480. That will allow you to make the "table" stretch out.
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