Web Camera


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Hi guys ..

I just bought a web camera and after installing everything I find that my movement on the camera is not smooth and looks to be staggering. Its like .. slow motioned and the entire thing is not at all nice. Anything I might have done wrong or is it just the way it is because its connected to via a USB cable?

PC spec is normal, P4 3.2HT, 512MB RAM, FX5500 if I'm not mistaken and a Logitech web cam corder. :)

Generally that's how web cams look. They slow down frame rate and compress the video to squeeze it through limited bandwidth.

There should be settings to increase frame rate or resolution. Look through the menus to check if you can increase frame rate or resolution. If the camera asked what kind of internet connection you have during install and you told it dialup that may be why it set for such poor video.


--== babyface ==--
I guess pretty much its a USB 1.0 device .. so is there any way to make the whole thing looks smooth?

Right now it seems as though the whole thing is lagging ..


I may actually be insane.
What resolution are you running the cam at, and what application are you experiencing the lag/jerkiness in ?