web/application based???



hi, i would like to know wat's the different between between a web based and an application based?
Based on my research, i found tat web based is where a user can run the programwithout installing & as for application based it requires the user to install the program b4 they can use it. Am i right?

other than this, what are the main differences between them? Which is more popular in use nowadays? why? disadvantages and advantages ?
if i'm going to develop a chat system, which is better to be in? web based/ application based? why?

thanks in advance.:huh:
There is no difference between web based applications and applications running (stand-alone) on your PC, as far as logic is concerned (client server or stand alone). For instance if you have access to the Internet at (say) 20Gig this is where you would store your files, however security is a major issue here as well as the topology and the technicality and expertise in de-bugging such applications as there are to many unknown variables in application servers running over the internet as credit card companies have found.

Developing or writing a programme that (by default) is web enabled and can auto configure itself for the environment in which it finds itself using the modern network (protocols) has only just started (see .NET by Microsoft) however the arguments against doing this are at the moment overwhelming as .NET development is very expensive in both time spent doing security issues and hole plugging to say nothing of learning a whole raft of object models and properties and how they interact with each other, not just with (say) VB or C# but with the ever changing comm.’s standards.

This in my opinion will result in a resurgence of the peer-to-peer networks of old where things were not controlled centrally but by individuals for their own use and contentment (you had control).

Strangely enough some of these (current) peer-to-peer networks can at times provide not just the fastest download speeds but also the fastest upload speeds and there is evidence to support this.

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