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We need help, thoughts and prayers


The Voices Talk to Me
On December 20th, 2003 my mother-in-law Judith Goff had a massive heart attack that nearly took her life. She recently underwent a 5 way heart bypass surgery and is very slowly recovering. This life altering event comes just 2 months after I lost my grandmother to cancer. Needless to say it has been a difficult year. The crisis we are now facing is one that time will not heal. My mother-in-laws government medical insurer has placed a 180 day lean against her house where they will take ownership and sell it if we do not pay the amount paid by them that is not covered. The amount is nearly $8000, or 6 monthly payments of $1340 per month, with the first payment due Jan. 15th.

Normally I have provisions and emergency funds set-aside for emergency’s and unexpected things, but as I have been unemployed my savings will not even come close, as we are barley making ends meat. We just received word that a loan we applied for was denied. It was our last hope to work this out ourselves. We have already started selling off most everything we own to try and make the first payment.

But as much as I hate to say this, we need help. Below is a paypal link to send donations if you can. If you can’t, we ask for your thoughts and prayers. Thank you everyone.


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I am sorry about your situation. But sadly we can't support donations for such causes on this site as we can't speak for the authenticity of it. You must understand our viewpoint on this.

Again, I'm sorry for the problems your currently having, I truely hope things do get better for you.



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i'm real sorry to hear about your situation, been a difficult few years for family myself. it's a great shame that a country as strong and proud as the USA refuses to look after its sick.

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Sorry to hear that Maveric169 :(
In the last fortnight my mothers been rushed into hospital twice but hopefully they'll operate next week so she should be fine.

We might have big waiting lists and not enough doctors but atleast we have the NHS who have been great and done all they possibly can for my mam :)

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