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Wd tv


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Anyone have on? Looking for some feedback, since the PS3 doesn't play MKV files and runs hot just to watch some flicks..i may get one. I know they are coming out with a WD TV 2 with an Ethernet port (maybe netflix too) soon, but idk when or if i want to wait!
Friend of mine has one. Its pretty good though doesn't support gapless music playback. If you have a surround sound processor you should be fine. It outputs DTS/DD, etc via optical but most others stuff its happy using the stereo outputs.

It takes ages to scan his 2 1TB usb disks though.

If you have a PC anywhere near the TV though you'd do best to hook that up to your TV /HiFi.
Here are the threads I've been following. I've had it since around November last year and love it! Every TV show and movie I've downloaded play fine! I mostly watch 720p/1080p x264 mkv's and xvids. It doesn't decode dts so you'll need a receiver that does if you want that. WD does ocassionally drop in on these threads and have even recruited some beta testers from there for this and other products

latest pre-release firmware thread
WDTV Prerelease 1.02.11 - AVS Forum

general long drawn out discussion thread that would take months to read
*New* Western Digital - WD TV HD Media Player - AVS Forum


music MUSIC music
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Thanks, i like the fact that it has MKV support and wont run as hot as my ps3 (which none has native mkv support) i may go get a WD TV LIVE at best buy today..

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