Way to run more hard drives and cdrom drives?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by psx2000, Sep 30, 2002.

  1. psx2000

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    What is a good card to buy if i want to add on more hard drives?

    Currently im running 2 hard drives on my computer but I want to run 2 more 180 gig hard drives and was curious if I could buy a ultra card to hold more devices?

    Also would the ultra card hold cd rom drives and other ide devices?

    Are there any drawbacks to using a ultra card?
  2. paul_43

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    those card I belive can only hold 2 ide devices... and it would be any ide devices like cd rom or harddisks.... if you want to put more ide things in ... you need more cards..
  3. 2z

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    IDE PCI controller card
    Promise TX2 Ultra ATA133 x4 channel IDE Controller PCI £34.08

  4. Doctor Who

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    Those PCI cards will take 4 devies easy, they have 2 IDE channels capable of running drives in master/slave/cable select mode, oe of my friemds is using one.

    Short of that buy yourself a mobo with a RAID controller and use the RAID controller to just add extra drives to.
  5. Sazar

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    most mobo's come with 2 ide channels capable of holding 4 devices being either hdd's or atapi devices...

    RAID cards can add more hdd;s to your rig... but remember... they only add hdd's nothing else... remember that...

    many are on the market and don't cost much at all..
  6. Taurus

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    pci raid controllers have 2 or 4 channels and can support 2 to 8 harddrives, depending on which one you get. i wouldn't hook anything but harddrives up to them, though.

    i don't see any drawbacks to using one of these cards.
  7. promise is the best place, ata100 and ata133 cards can be had cheap on ebay even