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7 Jan 2004
Hi Guys!
Just wondering if anyone owns the coolermaster wave master... Any good do you think?
or can you advise me on a different case.
some reviews i have read doubt the cooling on this case.
Must be a sign though lol
Well a case only does so much of the job, fans can be easily replaced.
Yes actually I do own the Coolermaster Wavemaster. Thanks for asking ;)
It's sitting less than a foot away from where I'm sitting, housing my new 64-bit setup.

And don't anyone forget that the case is branded by the Coolmaster badge, which is globally known for quality, performance and style. (Well maybe not style but don't worry this case is definitely stylish!)

When I was deciding on a tower for my system I was basically choosing between the WaveMaster and the Thermaltake Lanfire since the reduced weight and size would be convenient when transporting your computer to Lans. I eventually decided to go with the sleek, professional curves of the Wavemaster over the Lanfire which basically works by throwing in every little possible addition to the front panel, without a consistent design scheme like the Wavemaster (don't forget I'm only judging the Lanfire from pictures, I'm sure its a really good case).
After actually using the Wavemaster practically, I really couldn't imagine what a smaller case would be like, I would actually prefer maybe an inch or two more between the motherboard and the HDD's just to allow a bit of space so everything doesn't appear cramped. It's definitely not a problem tho, I've just been really picky. I mean, I've been playing around a lot with the insides of the case, rearranging power cables, IDE cables, header cables etc. to get the best look out of my system so I do know my way around it.

Anyways read as many reviews as you can. There are a lot out there that are really a good read and should positively convince you that this is the case for you! I think I probably read nearly every one of them before I finally purchased it.
One difference I noticed from the reviews is that the top panel (yes a top panel, not a front panel) was said to use a passthrough design to connect up the top firewire port and that you use an actual firewire extension cable to plug directly into the small pcb at the top of the case. This must have been changed, since they are now using standard header cables which can plug straight into your motherboard. Much more efficient in my opinion.

If you want to know about cooling and fans, the case uses genuine Coolermaster fans with little coolermaster holograph stickers. lol trivial I know but I guess it's better than the typical unbranded black fan, which is what you normally get in a computer case. The case has three fans all up, two intake fans at the front which blow cool air across the HDD's and into your case, as well as one fan at the rear to disperse the heat from the back of your case. Don't forget you'll also have your PSU removing any additional heat from the top of the case but if you still think the cooling is inefficient you can easily replace the top panel with a blowhole. Coolermaster even include some little mounting bracket to do so (but you'd have to purchase an additional fan).

And btw, I don't recall reading anywhere claiming that the case is a slouch in regards to cooling performance. I don't know how reliable this is but the sensor on my motherboard has always displayed 25°C regardless of the CPU temperature. It has never raised above this (or changed at all in fact), which leads me to believe the case is either consistent in its cooling or the sensor is busted... but it shouldn't be, I've only had the mobo for a few weeks.

I'm yet to take the case to a LanParty, but I'm sure it'll get the intended effect. The twin blue front lights are very cool and reflect off the polished surfase of the case. I have absolutely no idea why but my brother/dad both asked whether the thing at the front is a remote control. Sure it makes sense to someone who has read about it in reviews but how do you explain it to someone who has only ever seen beige boxes all their life. "Um it's a
Only complaint that I have is that to remove the motherboard tray you have to pull out both the side panels a little bit, even tho it appears to be designed so that the side panels need not be removed. This is due to a little pop rivet (or whatever it may be called) which just prevents the tray from sliding out with the right panel on. Not a big issue but a little annoying when you got power cables pushed behind the drive cage that then pop out when you remove the right side panel. I'll have to stick them down eventually.

Don't forget that the case does not come with a side window like you'll often find with expensive cases. I suppose you could cut your own out of the aluminium side but I wouldn't be so confident doing so in such an expensive case. Coolermaster on the other hand have decided to make their customers happy (and take their money at the same time) and actually make a complete side panel you can buy with a stylish window prefitted which comes in the same shiny silver that the case comes in, matching perfectly.

Anyways, if you have any specific concerns regarding the case, feel free to ask. First hand advice is always great in helping to make a decision.

I really recommend the case. If you like it's design from the pictures you've seen on the net then I think you'll find that it's the best case of its class, and yes we are talking of "high-class" computer cases. Course I say that comparing it only to cheap boxes I've used before, but I can at least say that in comparison to my friends Antec Lanboy, I'll be sticking with my Wavemaster. :)

Depends where the sensor on the case is in relation to the fans I guess.

My GPU currently only has passive cooling and I reckon my sensor is right next to it, CPU is at 30 Case is at 40... it must be the gpu passing out the heat, and with no fan it must be starting to warm up, only a little. Anyway my fan for it arrives today... I hope.

Using a Lian-Li case here, very nice indeed.

Close up here:

Few more here:

One of the 3.5 drive covers has a dent in it, my pc was having a few problems (caused by having a USB hard drive in there) and I got more than a little bit angry with it. Naturally I regret this, but I have to vent every now and then.

Oh and I need some cooler posters :)
Great write up thanks Patrick! :)
Def going to help in my quest for a new pc case.
The bit about the cooling i read is that it has a negative airflow from the front 2 fans which would (they say) build up a static mass inside??
That was the only poor review i have read, i have even watched the video review from 3dgameman.com.
So it is more than likely i will be a happy owner of the wavemaster soon so i can install my new 64 setup :)
Thanks again...

One last thing is it ok for transporting about, i mean is it easy to scratch and mark? :eek:
I own a Wavemaster...but I have to admit this does look slightly better...it also has some nice extra features that the Wavemaster does'nt have.

Oh and by the way Tommy...I have a spare brand new boxed never opened silver Wavemaster if you're interested?

There is very little info on this case at the moment i may hang on and see how this one is rated before i shed my cash.
Unless your giving it away mate? :p
tommy said:
There is very little info on this case at the moment i may hang on and see how this one is rated before i shed my cash.
Unless your giving it away mate? :p

...lol...nah but i'll do you a good deal ;) :D
tommy said:
One last thing is it ok for transporting about, i mean is it easy to scratch and mark? :eek:

I haven't really taken my new computer anywhere yet, I will soon but haven't yet. The build quality of it is really high and it feels rather solid so I doubt that you'll really have problems getting it scratched or damaged.

As a matter of fact I did actually see the Thermaltake case you're talking about at CeBit yesterday. I remember thinking that it does look a lot like the coolermaster in real life but I don't remember being overwhelmed by a case that could top the wavemaster. The case that stood out was actually the Xaser V cases which look heaps better in real life (with their funny checkerbox bezel) than in the pictures. Anyways wait for a few reviews or go with the Wavemaster which is a fairly reliable option. You just have to do away with nifty little features like sliding rails for hdd's etc for the traditional screws approach. (Have a look at a pic of the Altec Super Lanboy to see what I mean. But it's only a minor consideration.

No don't like that one mate...
It's going to be the wave master or the tsunami from thermaltake, i'll have to wait a little while for the reviews to come in but by that time i might be able to get the new 64 939 chip to go inside :)

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