Watchmen: The End Is High


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Another game that just came out is this. I just started playing it as well and it's probably the most fun I have had in a game in awhile. It's simply fun, just kicking butt and looking good.

Check the review at 1UP (my favorite review place)

What are your thoughts?
The graphics were nice. I honestly liked the game. It reminded me of an old-school brawling game. I liked the slow motion close-up of a final blow to take a guy out when you did a special move. This is definitely not a game for the overly cerebra because it's pretty mindless but it is enjoyable, IMHO.


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i honestly wasn't that thrilled. Not to bad for i think like $20 is it? but still... not something i'd be willing to buy. Everything just felt..... slow as hell in the PS3 demo.

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