Watch this, without laughing


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I have watched that before, I think its so freaking funny. When he yells "THAT TICKLE!" and falls over... omg... great stuff. BURN!!


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You guys are terrible. And by you guys I mean they guys that laughed.

And by terrible I mean hillarious.


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Funny would have been if it had lithium ion batteries and it exploded all over the kids torching it. That I would have paid to watch.

Arson is a crime and those little ****s will be trying that on a play mate or neighbors house next.


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Oh cmon, sheesh.

[sarcasm] Of course anyone who plays with fire is a arson and a "little ****".[/sarcasm]

Cmon man, its just plain funny.... dont look that far into it. I would love to do something like that and just laugh my ass off, but I'm to cheap to pay the 20 bucks for a Elmo.


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You can get them for around $30 these days. My room mate is buying one to do the same thing. Will make sure to take video and post online, so that we can be called Little ****s as well :D.

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