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WARNING Perfect Disk 6 Damages WinXP


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Hi all
A quick warning i have perfect disk 2000 version 6 with the latest patch and i set it for a offline/bootup defragment of my windowsxp pro partion and my pagfile partion.

This DAMAGED WINDOWS, :mad: no devices would start once hitting the welcome screen and nothing further would load my only way out was to use last good configuration on the startup menu. This program seems to be fine if you just defrag in windows I just thought I would warn people :)

Is there another defrag util that people use ?

Perris Calderon

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contact cusomer support over at pd

they are proud of how benign their app is, and they would like to know about your issue

also, I have to go, but search for greg GHayes
name on this site, and pm him...see if he gets that pm, and try the email...he developes that program, and he is a good man

give him the url to this thread, so we see weather or not your issue gets resolved


Yeah I use diskeeper pro v8 from executive software also.
Great company, polite admin staff great software, can't say a bad thing about their business or their software.


Perfect Disk 6 works great on all three of my computers. Use it all the time. Not one problem ever.

Perris Calderon

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the diskeeper optimization and bootime defrag is known to cause issues

this is the very first episode I have ever heard of pd being a prob

I wish greg would get here to figure it out


Tomorrow Tweaking Today
Everyone prolly has Nortons now whether through bundled software or OEM or winning it (I've won Systemworks twice already) - so might as well use Speed Disk :)


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I always used to use speed disk on my win 9X systems but stopped when i went to 2k and now xp is it still good the last version i used was 2000


I used DK 8 and it really screwed my PC over.

It shut of two of my three hard drives while I was using windows (at random)

I had come home from work and then my WD 60 gig drive just spun down and shout off while I was using Windows. I thought the drive was dead because after restarting Windows would not boot and the drive was thrashing around.

Then two weeks later the same thing happened to my IBM 120gig Drive.

The drives shut down while DK was running.

I had to unplug them both and then uninstall the software to get the drives to work again.

Perris Calderon

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this is a known problem with the dk file optimization

it has never been seen as a problem with pd, and I have always been comfortable recomending pd...I'd like to know if it causes the same types of problems as dk

that's why I got greg to take a look at indys issue.

if it is an application based issue, which I doubt, greg will fix it...they go out of there way to make the most benign defrag app on the market

if it's something else, he should be able to find it.

I really want to watch where this one goes


I believe the only change is the Trend Setting feature, which I don't even use. It's supposed to create a report on drive details.


Microsoft MVP
What's new with PDV6:

- Faster defrag on larger drives (10-15% faster. Large drives defined as being over 100GB)
- Integration with Active Directory group policy for deployment, scheduling, configuration and management (you can still use PerfectDisk's normal GUI interface for this as well)
- Enhanced command line support
- Certified for Windows Server 2003 (only one that is)
- Certified for Windows 2000 (only one that is)
- Designed for Windows XP - Optimized
- At the schedule level you can defrag in series or parallel
- Disk Trending (track drive/fragmentation stats over time)

- Greg/Raxco Software
Microsoft MVP - Windows File Systems

Disclaimer: I work for Raxco Software, the maker of PerfectDisk - a commercial defrag utility, as a systems engineer in the support department.


Microsoft MVP
"greg has sent you a pm indyjones to resolve the issue

let usknow what you work out"

Still no response from indyjones.

- Greg/Raxco Software
Microsoft MVP - Windows File Systems

Disclaimer: I work for Raxco Software, the maker of PerfectDisk - a commercial defrag utility, as a systems engineer in the support department.


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I use PerfectDisk and never had any problems. It's a great reliable program. Probably XP itself that is mucking up for you. XP doesn't like you using 3rd party software for jobs that it can do itself.

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