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Well in early September I will be moving to Germany for three years and I have a quick question about gaming over there. When Warhammer online comes out will I need to buy a European version to play on Europe servers or will a US version of the game work? Do you think I should just suffer the lag I would get and play on a US server? My German is completely horrible still learning and my only other language is English.
By the looks of things you'll need an EU version. EA is publishing in the US and GOA is publishing in Europe. Usually indicates seperate regional servers.

Edit: Germany also has strict game censoring laws.


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Well that sucks.... hopefully the lag to stateside servers won’t be too bad. From the pay charts it looked like there monthly fees were going to be a few bucks more than the US as well. Oh well thanks for the reply.


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What the hell are you talking about man?
Germany, Liechtenstein and to a very small degree Belgium & Luxembourgh are the only European countries where German is spoken..

There will be many more Europenan English servers then there will be German ones..

Take your EU version and play on a UK Server?:rolleyes:

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