You asked the question im just giving my opinion

Just for starters I am a serving member in the australian defence force.

While the US is one of our main allies, i have no problems with any one or any body attacking america. I mean why do you want to attack iraq? Can your country prove that sadam had anything to do with the 11/9. No they cant, they have already stated that.

Many of your foreign policies piss off a lot of other people/religions/nations. They hate you and i can understand that. In the 1980's your country supplied military aid to the taliban, to fight the russians. It was a fair deal, both hated the russians. However, soon after the russians were defeated, the US withdrew their aid. That pissed off the taliban and at least one of their fighters (he's the plane guy).

So as i said i have no problem with people 'picking' on your country.

The idea and amount of planning that went into the 9/11 attacks was huge u must give the man some credit for that.

However, i do not condone what he did to new york. Attacking civies is not the way to go about it. Attacking the pentagon (and the white house), not using comercial airlines, on the other hand i have no problem with. They are military targets. (and the white house is as the president is the commander in chief).

THat is what the military are paid to do, kill or be killed. That is why they are paid the big bucks.

So if they want to blow up the military targets, i say go for it... It is the military's job to stop that from happening.

as i said at the top it is just my opinion, and you must remember that i come from a military background.

Just remeber all is fair in love and WAR!