Wanting a High End Desktop for <£1000


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If you are looking for a highend desktop with functions such as DVD-RW then this is the way to go, im thinking of getting my self one in the future.

Apple eMac
• 17" CRT
• G4 1.25GHz
• 167MHz System Bus
• 1GB SDRAM DDR333 - 2 DIMMs
• 160GB Ultra ATA drive
• Keyboard & Mouse + Mac OSX
• DVD-R/CD-RW drive
• ATI Radeon 9200 - 32MB DDR
• 10/100BASE-T Ethernet
• 56K internal modem
• Two FireWire 400 ports
• Three USB ports

all for £918.99 inc. VAT


I may actually be insane.
One thing I want to say about the eMacs, is that they look so nice :D people think they don't look as good as the iMacs, etc. But they are a really nice machine :)


I may actually be insane.
Correct, but what could you really need to add? everything is pretty much there. It's only stupid things like video that can't be upgraded, no real difference from a notebook.

If you really need to you can pop open an eMac and replace almost anything anyway (obviously that's via un-supported methods, and probably voids your warranty, but if your that bothered about upgrading, I'm sure you dont mind)
True. Just something people should know if they feel they might want to upgrade the RAM, HD or video card somewhere down the line.
But it sure is a nice Mac for the price it's offered at.


I may actually be insane.
RAM is easily upgradable :)

If you buy the config Sean has recommended though, your getting 1GB which should be plenty for quite a while :)


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pshhh...my computer is just as good as that one. I hate buying computers from the stores and all that they have too much stuff in the way to upgrade and all that crap. Plus your ccan build better ones for half the price.


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make it 3, im not being picky but i would like a dual 2.5 liquid cooled, 2Gb of teh ram, 23" LCD, no 56k, 2 x 250Gb SATA and see if you can find one of those Applecare boxes near the door :p

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