WANTED: Kind hearted Photoshop God

Discussion in 'Desktop Customisation' started by Crucial, Nov 8, 2002.

  1. Crucial

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    I'v got a little favor to ask of any photoshop gods out there.

    Attached is a zip file with 4 jpgs inside.

    AquaXP.jpg is the image i use on my desktop.
    Layout.jpg is a screen shot of how i have things laid out.

    Exmp1.jpg & Exmp2.jpg are images with christmas stuff on them.

    I'd like to make my desktop a little bit festive. Is there anyone out there that would be will to either amalgamate AquaXP.jpg with the festive stuff in Exmp1 & Exmp2 or that better yet could suprise me with AquaXP and some other festive stuff.

    I would be enternally greatfull.

    Cheers and beers.:D
  2. Crucial

    Crucial Guest

    Owwww, my e-mail address in case someone takes up the challange and wants to send me the finished artical is henry.c@bigfoot.com.

    Though it might be a nice show case to post them here too.